How to Query

Be sure to check out Ernie's MSWL page to see what he's looking for before you query. And check the Fuse Literary website for current submission guidelines.

To query Ernie, please submit your query letter and the first twenty pages of your completed manuscript through the Query Manager form at the link below:

Query Ernie

Unfortunately, due to the volume of queries Ernie receives, most writers will not receive personal feedback. However, every query that follows his submission guidelines will receive a response. Queries sent to Ernie's Fuse email, personal email, or through social media will be deleted without a response.

Do Not Send: Ernie does not represent non-fiction, faith-based/religious manuscripts, poetry, short stories, novellas, chapter books, or erotica. He also does not consider previously published or self-published books.

Need help with your query? Download this free guide:  Ready, Set, Query!