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As a writer, Ernie gravitates toward literary and upmarket fiction, fabulism, thought-provoking speculative fiction, and gritty urban fantasy. He is represented by Agent Michelle Richter, and enjoys writing characters with complex lives and hardened exteriors—people we’d pass on the street without a second glance.

Ernie's most recent project, STILL, LIFE, is upmarket literary fiction with elements of suspense and a touch of fabulism.

Tris and Macie, former partners in both love and graffiti, reunite years later, not as rekindled flames or mural artists, but as a homeless addict and his heroin dealer. With regret running deep and feelings neither can voice, Macie vows to stop hurting him and start helping him heal.

When she posts a painting in an online forum, his art goes viral, sparking a widespread search for a troubled loner with a singular gift. A posh art dealer with a trail of missing protégés, a social network moderator obsessed with the painting, and a groundskeeper required to evict the homeless are all circling in on the abandoned utility room under a Charles River bridge where Tris has been staying.

As his pursuers close in, Tris must fight through his demons or risk losing not only his life's work and the person he loves, but the very life to which he clings. While Macie, breaking free from her troubled path, must fight to save the man she wishes she didn't love—for herself, for him, and for the daughter he never knew he had.

With an unconventional story structure in the vein of Emily St. John Mandel and David Mitchell, STILL, LIFE features multiple third-person POVs alternating with chapters in the second person—depictions of paintings that are moments from the artist's life as seen through his creative lens. It features authentic mental health and addiction representation set against the backdrop of the opioid crisis.

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